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Tumblr and Twitter Go Crazy Over Game of Thrones

Spoilers Ahead!

In case you missed Game of Thrones last night (17/05/2015), I’ll quickly recap: Sansa, innocent flower of feminist worship, found herself married to former bastard and super sadist, Ramsey Bolton. In a series of a events that didn’t shock anyone familiar with the sordid Game of Thrones, Sansa was raped by the sadist Ramsey on their wedding night. I know, I know, I know, what’s the big deal? There’s been rape before. There’s been murder before. There’s even been a castration before.

Well, clearly there must be a PG-Game of Thrones version on the internet that most of Tumblr and Twitter usually watch and – by accident – they stumbled across the one we’re all familiar with, because when Sansa was raped – Tumblr and Twitter lost control of themselves… Of course the image-based message boards considered the polar opposite of Tumblr and Twitter (4chan and 8chan) were reliably all shits and giggles. Below are just some of the reactions:






  1. I got my hopes all up that there was gonna be a big controversial scene because of all the hype and well maybe my pirated version was edited actually because wtf, where is the controversial scene? There is like 20 seconds at the end where he rips open the back of the dress, then it just shows Greyjoy crying in the corner and her face against the pillow while the Ramsay-Rod does his dance. That can’t seriously be what the women were getting their tampon strings in a knot over is it?! -_- [existential nihilism intensifies]


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