Ariel Winter Emancipated


Do you still watch Modern Family on ABC? I feel as if everyone has stopped and failed to tell me.

Ariel Winter, 17, who plays the nerdy and well-behaved Alex, daughter of Phil (Ty Burrell) and Claire (Julie Bowen), couldn’t be further away from that image if she tried. The ABC actress was officially emancipated from her mother Chrystal Workman on Friday after one of the most messiest (and longest) cases known to Hollywood. Accusations were slung in both directions. Workman allegedly tried to leak naked pictures of her eldest daughter, Shanelle Gray (Ariel’s primary carer), to further Shanelle’s career. Winter allegedly had a boyfriend four years older than her when she was fourteen and the pair regularly shared a bed. Winter was removed from her mother’s care in May of 2014 with Shanelle Gray taking guardianship over her sister.

This follows the accusations and restraining order surrounding Sarah Hyland’s relationship with Matt Prokop.

Why does the young cast of family friendly Modern Family have such adult problems?

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