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Blind Item (20/05/2015)

It’s not often you come across an actor with a D-list career and an A-list ego, but this is definitely the case with our Canadian actor today. He’s on a show that has been on for years but has only recently gained popularity and that’s mostly due to the talented lead actor / actress, not our C-list actor.

As soon as the show gained that ounce of popularity, our actor ended his romantic relationships by announcing this was his “summer of romantic freedom.”

Who is this douche?



  1. I don’t know if this is Jason Biggs, I don’t watch either of those shows. I do know he and his wife, or ex wife, whatever she is now, would be in a dead heat in the Douchelympics. He was banging her sister & everybody else with no taste that was willing, and she often did the same, sometimes with HIS leftovers. Plus, they treat people that work for them like they went to American Citizen Reese Witherspoon’s “Your Staff Are Slaves, Treat Them Like Garbage,” seminars, I’m convinced are a real thing.


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