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Tomorrowland, Clooney’s Latest Flop?


George Clooney’s latest big budgeted Summer flick has quickly earned a reputation that it may be flopping. It may be in part to Clooney, an increasingly unpopular figure with some, and Damon Lindelof (of Lost), an always unpopular figure with most, that this rep has been garnered.

It would seem to be unwarranted. Tomorrowland, budgeted at $190million range, may have opened to lukewarm reviews (Currently lingering at around the 50 percentage range on Rotten Tomatoes) but tracking sees the movie making in the high $40million range, which would be neither a disaster or a gift.

In comparison to Clooney’s past movies, Gravity opened to a $55million weekend in a bad month and was helped by fantastic word of mouth and awards success. Sandra Bullock would likely claim the most responsibility for that. The Monuments Men opened to $22million, but recovered and doubled its budget overall.

I see Tomorrowland doing well overseas, breaking even for Disney and perhaps bruising the ego of the screenwriters (Lindelof, Bird, Jensen), who most of the criticism has been aimed at.



  1. I liked the movie, but it was far from perfect. I hope it does well, but I’m not holding my breath. The ending should have been changed.

    Tesla was a genius, but even he couldn’t have invented a space ship that could travel to other parallel universes.

    How could young Frank invent a jet pack that could operate for more than a minute or so?

    They got time travel? Why didn’t they use it to save Walt Disney?

    What happened to all the people living in Tomorrowland? It was a ghost town when Frank returned.

    Were the evil androids (udio animatronics) inspired by the Doctor Who episode Rose?

    The ability to do anything, including break the laws of physics? How do they do this?


  2. Didn’t appeal to me or anyone I know for that matter. Frankly, I’m just bored of all these movies featuring a predominantly all white cast, Age of Ultron, Jupiter Ascending, Exodus, etc. Until Hollywood’s original movies feature more diverse casting, I’ll stick to reading a good book where my mind creates the movie.


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