Worst Cannes Looks of 2015


1. Irina Shayk in Versace.

This is quite possibly one of the worst dresses I’ve ever seen at Cannes. If I was Bradley Cooper, I’d end whatever potential relationship on the basis of the four (count ’em) straps alone! 1/10


2. Charlotte Vandermeersch

I have no idea who this is, but I know she shouldn’t be allowed on a red carpet again anytime soon after this mismatched ensemble. You’re at the Cannes Film Festival, dear! Make an impression! Scratch that… Make a good impression! 2/10


3. Li Yuchun

I do not understand why Chinese actress and singer Li Yuchun felt the need to show up dressed as the red carpet. She looks like a ketchup bottle. 2/10


4. Vincent McDoom

Television personality (where?) Vincent McDoom actually chose to wear this dress at Cannes. She looks like shredded toilet paper. 2/10


5. Kendall Jenner in Azzedine Alaia

I have little idea why Kendall Jenner at a film festival in Cannes (actually I do), but I know she shouldn’t be appearing there in this futuristic Dynasty-reject. She looks awkward and frumpy, which is likely a first for the slender Jenner. At least it matches. 3/10

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