David Lynch Returns to Direct More Twin Peaks

Shot for Transcendental Meditation Foundation, 23rd October 2007.

Late last year it was quite publicly announced that there would be a continuation of the ABC cult series Twin Peaks, which originally ran from 1990-1991. The return was previously rumoured after a notorious scene in that original’s finale that seemed to hint at a new series in fifteen years.

Well, despite the announcement and in one of the messiest PR situations I’ve seen, series creator and legendary director David Lynch soon exited the continuation, citing “complications” (pay dispute).

That nasty business is over with now and the series is confirmed to be returning in 2016 on Showtime with Lynch to return and direct even more episodes than originally planned.

Wanna bet Lynch got everything he asked for and more in this situation? I bet Showtime fired some publicists after that mess.

3 thoughts on “David Lynch Returns to Direct More Twin Peaks

  1. I find it highly unlikely that Lynch was negotiating over his pay. His comments, and his history as a filmmaker, make it very clear that he was worried about the budget to make the show. He vowed, after making Dune, that he would never be involved in another project for which he didn’t have complete creative control, and that would include setting the budget for each episode.

    That’s what was going on, not some dispute about how much Lynch, personally, was getting paid.


    • To support what I say, here is what Lynch actually said in his Tweet:

      David Lynch ✔@DAVID_LYNCH
      After 1 year and 4 months of negotiations, I left because not enough money was offered to do the script the way I felt it needed to be done.


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