Grace of Monaco Receives Scathing Reviews… Again


You may remember the infamous 2014 biopic of Princess Grace Kelly of Monaco, entitled simply Grace of Monaco. The Harvey Weinstein-produced picture was touted as one of the early Academy Award favourites, starring Oscar-winning actress Nicole Kidman, 47, as the Oscar-winning Grace Kelly (ten years too late!). It didn’t take long for the wheels to come off that deluded fantasy.

In an expected move, the Royal Family of Monaco panned the biopic based on the script (which generated early buzz). In an unexpected move, the Olivier Dahan-directed flick was delayed from 2013 to Cannes in 2014, wher eit opened to some of the worst reviews a movie has received at the Cannes Film Festival in 2014 with the movie notoriously being coined “Disgrace of Monaco” by some punny reviewers.

Grace of Monaco was denied an American theatrical release after failing to make back its budget worldwide. Instead Grace had its début on Lifetime television (ouch) and despite much cutting and editing, the movie received dreadful reviews again. Even the writer of Grace of Monaco Arash Amel, 38, took to Twitter to live-tweet his critic.

A source actually tells me that Weinstein bought Grace of Monaco after the movie was filmed on the basis of some footage of Kidman’s performance. It’s well known that Weinstein clashed with Olivier Dahan, the legendarily difficult director of the piece. Some in the industry feel Weinstein – realizing he had a turkey – created bad-press around the movie to negotiate a lower price. Strangely enough a lot of people tell me Amel’s script was – not excellent – but good, possibly Academy Award worthy with the right production values. Dahan seems to be earning the blame of the failure here.


3 thoughts on “Grace of Monaco Receives Scathing Reviews… Again

  1. … and the publishing of the real facts (My Days with Princess Grace of Monaco) of what happen during the period that the Grace of Monaco movie covered may have contributed to Weinstein’s move


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