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Month: May 2015

Blind Item (21/05/2015)

While you were focusing on another part of this A-list reality star’s look, she had another large plastic surgery. It took her a long time to admit to the first […]

Tomorrowland, Clooney’s Latest Flop?

George Clooney’s latest big budgeted Summer flick has quickly earned a reputation that it may be flopping. It may be in part to Clooney, an increasingly unpopular figure with some, and […]

Leonardo DiCaprio in Cannes

It always confuse me just how much Leo DiCaprio’s weight fluctuates. Sometimes Leo, 40, can be one of the hottest men on the planet and other times he can be […]

Blind Item (20/05/2015)

It’s not often you come across an actor with a D-list career and an A-list ego, but this is definitely the case with our Canadian actor today. He’s on a […]

Game of Thrones Ratings Continue to Drop

Game of Thrones’ controversial episode on Sunday has continued the series’ gradual drop in ratings, dropping from the 8.0 million viewers of its première episode and the 6.56 million viewers […]

Blind Item (19/05/2015)

This A-list reality star has some well documented problems. She really needs help, but those around her who should be helping and protecting her – they’re doing just the opposite: encouraging […]

Rebel Wilson’s Age

Reports in Australia have surfaced contradicting Rebel Wilson’s age. Wilson, who claims to be 29, is actually 36 according to a former school friend (some friend) and business documents. Wilson […]

Mama June Booed

I hate the Honey Boo Boo family more than anything alive, I think. It’s a family of sordid white trash and the poor children are exploited for fame and money […]

Ariel Winter Emancipated

Do you still watch Modern Family on ABC? I feel as if everyone has stopped and failed to tell me. Ariel Winter, 17, who plays the nerdy and well-behaved Alex, […]

Jared Padalecki’s Bizarre Tweets

Jared Padalecki, 32, tweeted out some of the strangest tweets a celebrity ever has a couple of days ago. Padalecki, star of Supernatural, claimed he was “desperate and in urgent need […]