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Blind Item (02/06/2015)

These two A-list actresses are past-their-peak in terms of career and beauty. One has become an annoyance to the world while the other has maintained mostly leading roles in flops. They were supposed to do a movie together several years back, A-list actress 1 was producing and starring in the plum role and A-list actress 2 was to play the supporting role.

As the movie was going through a stressful pre-production, Actress 2 stuck with the flick in light of the increasingly difficult waters. She was on location in Tennessee filming another movie when she reached out to Actress 1 (who lives there) to spend some time with her and her family. Actress 1 deliberately avoided the calls, claiming she “will not become part of Actress 2’s collection of celebrity friends.”

Actress 2 took this as a slight and deliberately choose to withdraw from the movie when the pre-production was finally on track.

The two actresses have been in a subtle feud ever since. Actress 1 constantly mentions what she perceives as Actress 2’s future career in lowbrow television. Actress 2 constantly mentions Actress 1’s plastic surgery and flops.

Who are our actresses?



  1. One I knew straight away because I remember this movie’s weird making.

    Actress 1 is Nicole Kidman.
    Actress 2 is GOOP.
    Movie: The Danish Girl.


    • There was also an interview that nicole Kidman gave to the Kermode and Mayo show last year (I forget the film, but I think it was Paddington) in which she took a subtle dig at paltrow.

      Talking about Colin firth: “He, uh… “Consciously uncoupled” from the project. (Laughs)”


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