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Blind Item (05/06/2015)

Our Hollywood executive does not have relationships with women unless they are sexual or beneficial to him. He somehow pushed this now B-list actress to an Academy Award and he’s well known to do the same for similar actresses that impress him. It doesn’t matter that he’s a man with a kid and a wife.

There’s one A-list (maybe B) actress that he constantly works with that was never one of his girls. The relationship isn’t beneficial in terms of critics or monetary gains, so why the constant working together?

If you ask his wife, she’ll claim it’s because our executive thinks the actress is simply to die for and has longed for her for decades.

If you ask others, they’ll tell you the actress is one of the greatest businesswomen in Hollywood and knows just how to manipulate the executive (and many others!)

Who is our executive?

Who is our actress?



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