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Jurassic World Devours – Box Office (15/06/2015)


If Melissa McCarthy proved herself as a star last week, then Chris Pratt did it tenfold this week. Jurassic World opened with an astonishing $511.8 million worldwide, breaking box office records (and predictions) and cementing Chris Pratt as one of the biggest stars in the world. I was actually told that Jurassic World was expected to “do well” but not “spectacular business.” People are viewing this result as shocking and Chris Pratt – as-well as the director – is earning a lot of the credit. It comes at a somewhat inconvenient time for Pratt, however, as his next movie is expected in 2017, which doesn’t particularly allow him to capitalise on that immediate success.

As expected Jurassic World destroyed all competition at the box office, including Melissa McCarthy’s comedy Spy, which had a slightly flaccid weekend, and The Rock’s San Andreas, which did as expected.

1. Jurassic World – $204.6 million (Total: $511.8 million)

2. Spy – $16 million (Total: $113.4 million)

3. San Andreas – $11 million (Total: $373.3 million)

4. Insidious: Chapter 3 – $7.3 million (Total: $63.7 million)

5. Pitch Perfect 2 – $6.0 million (Total: $259.7 million)



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