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Blind Item (17/06/2015) – The Legit Nice Guy

This actor has just hit A-list out of the stratosphere and he seems like one of the nicest guys around, right!?!

Well, I do struggle to support the ‘nice guys’ in Hollywood because it’s frequently revealed to me that they’re secretly scum that worship devils, eat babies and have affairs with underage strippers – this guy seems to be different, though.

Firstly, he’s not really a Hollywood guy. He works and lives there for his career, but his plans are to leave Hollywood when he’s in the right place career wise. He has a wife and a child / children, so he doesn’t see what Hollywood can offer him beyond a career. It’s the smartest attitude I’ve seen taken to Hollywood and one that is far too rare, but whether he sticks to that.

Secondly, he’s a church-going, American patriot that rarely involves himself in politics but always involves himself in charitable work. He’s working with another A-list church-going, American patriot and they’re said to be getting along greatly.

Thirdly, I’ve not heard a single rumour about an affair or diva behaviour, despite the fact his TV A-list co-star is an envious diva bitch.

Who is the legit nice guy?



  1. I was going to write Pratt but Pratt yet signed to act in several Jurassic World movies,Galaxie movies ,Lego movies and probably to be Indianna Jones


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