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Blind Item (18/06/2015) – Black Comedian Hates White People

This African-American comedian is huge and you – like most of us – are probably fans. Well, several comedians that shared the road with this superstar back in the decade of yore have told us that he has some very questionable opinions on white people (especially white women) and the Jews. White women are all whores that only care about money, according to our comedian, and Jews in ‘the business’ will screw you over to squeeze out every extra dime.

Funny. Has he forgotten who pays him and who he cheats on his wife with?

Who is our racist funnyman?



  1. Kevin Hart. “Who he’s cheating on his wife with” implies the comedian cheated on his wife with a white woman. Chris Rock cheated on his wife with Rosario Dawson, who isn’t white.

    Maybe not Kevin, but not Chris Rock, unless the writer of this blind thinks Rosario Dawson is white.


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