Blind Item (26/06/2015)

I’m hearing worries about the future of this B-list host and his incarnation of that long-running show. “His ratings are identical to the previous guy and the previous guy had been here for several years. What will the ratings look like in a year?” They’re using the example of Jay Leno and the Tonight Show as an example of optimistic success, but others at the network are much more pessimistic. “This guy’s okay, but [name removed] was in a league of his own.”

Who is our host?

Example of Jay Leno & the Tonight Show: Jay Leno initially took over the Tonight Show and received a lukewarm reception with viewers and critics, but after an interview with Hugh Grant – Leno took over all his competition in the ratings and the Tonight Show became the biggest late night show again.

4 thoughts on “Blind Item (26/06/2015)

  1. The Hugh Grant interview is a common misconception for the rise of Leno’s ratings.
    The real cause was the the 1994 United States broadcast television realignment.
    The 1994 United States broadcast television realignment consisted of a series of network affiliation switches and other transactions that resulted from a multi-million dollar deal between the Fox Broadcasting Company and New World Communications, a broadcasting group that owned several VHF television stations affiliated with major networks, primarily CBS.
    Letterman lost a LOT of his outlets across the country between 94 and 95.
    Fox wanted to broaden its footstamp across the US for their newly required NFL deal and the result was that most of the stations that were lost were CBS affiliates.


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