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Blind Item (29/06/2015)

This A-list actress who you love for ‘being real’ and ‘down-to-earth’ had a huge meeting with her PR team late last year and decided that to avoid overexposure, she will stay out of the press until late 2015 when her next award-winning film is released and she has to campaign for an Oscar. So much for non-calculated.

Who is our actress?



  1. Jennifer Lawrence. The only other person that might work is Anna Kendrick, but Anna doesn’t have anything coming out that anyone would think is worthy of an award. J-Law has a Steven Spielberg movie about a wartime photographer coming out & another movie with David O Russel. Both have had some buzz as being potential Oscar winning roles, so I’d say it’s her without a doubt.


    • Jennifer Lawrence for JOY.since 2 weeks,she’s in NY for appartement hunting

      She was outed in a French documentary on the tabloids .A journalist who worked for a British tabloid said the pics of her teen years who released during the Oscar time and after the naked pics were given by her RP team


      • That story is obviously false, as ten seconds of checking would prove. Her naked pics came out six months after her last Oscar nomination for American Hustle – so there were no ‘teen pics’ released ‘after the naked pics’ during Oscar time.


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