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Blind Item (30/06/2015) – No Romcoms, no comedies, nothing other than Oscar bait!

This A-list actress made her name as a comedy and a romantic-comedy actress, but she desperately wants to reinvent herself as a ‘serious actress’ and you’ll notice by her filmography, she’s trying damn hard. She was extremely disappointed to be snubbed for an Oscar recently and that made her realise she wants it now more than ever. She’s refusing to look a scripts for anything that isn’t Oscar bait and she just isn’t getting any good scripts right now, so the actress hasn’t shot a flick for almost a year.

Who is our actress?



  1. Anniston was my 1st guess. Then I looked at IMDB & her next movie is a comedy-drama. Can’t think of anyone else off the top of my head, so Anniston it is!


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