Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Starts Taping


With no confirmed replacement housewives for ousted Kim Richards and Brandi Glanville, it’s perhaps a little shocking Bravo’s hit reality show has already started filming – yet it has!

Kyle Richards and Lisa Vanderpump were spotted at one of the latter’s restaurant filming scenes for the show, gearing up for the sixth season of the Beverly Hills-set franchise.

Meanwhile, Brandi Glanville, 42, confirmed her exit from the show, saying “After a lot of careful thought and deliberation I have decided not to return to RHOBH as a full time cast member this season” in a statement on Bravo’s website. I like how we’re pretending it was her choice.

Eileen Davidson and Lisa Rinna are expected to return. I’m waiting to hear from a reliable source on Yolanda Foster. Kathy Hilton is being considered for a spot. I’m a little down on the lack of Kim and Brandi. They added drama and isn’t that the point of these shows?


Howard Stern Quits America’s Got Talent

Radio personality Howard Stern conducts an on-air news conference during his debut show on Sirius Satellite Radio, in New York, Monday Jan. 9, 2006. Stern has promised everything from stripper poles to live sex on his new show. His deal could be worth up to $500 million over five years to headline two Sirius channels. (AP Photo/Richard Drew)

You better call Simon Cowell and let him know, because former shock jock Howard Stern, 61, announced on his Sirius radio that he has quit the ABC reality competition. Why? Stern is claiming he’s been offered a “great new television opportunity” that he couldn’t fit into his busy schedule with AGT and the radio show.

I’m expecting AGT to pursue Simon Cowell as the replacement, after all the Sony leaked emails did reveal that Cowell had been plotting to replace Stern back in 2014. The emails are rumoured to play a part in Stern’s decision, after it was revealed the producers and Sony thought Cowell and his British version of the show were far superior to Stern and AGT. The first season ratings under Stern were considered disappointing, but the show bounced back to perform steadily.

Blind item (24/06/2015)

This A-list television actress had a bad reputation on the set of her hit tv show (which resulted in a hilarious pun-related last name). Well, a source tells me that people behind the scenes constantly mocked this actress for something she does. Every now and then she will break out into a bizarre little girl voice and be ultra submissive. Mighty weird, if you ask me.

Who is our actress?

Brian Belo Leaves Big Brother

457632-90f47086-f2ba-11e3-8a62-ce6d4e05a259It takes a special kind of person to make a fame-hungry Essex boy leave the Big Brother house, but BB legend Helen Wood and current year contestant Marc Wood have achieved exactly that.

Brian Belo, BB winner in 2007, has sensationally quit the hit show following a series of spats with Helen and Marc, a spokesperson for the Channel 5 show has confirmed while teasing that all will be revealed on the reality show tonight. Belo was close to quitting the show last week after a huge blow-up with Helen and Marc, in which Brian accused them of being ‘bullies.’

Big Brother airs tonight at 10pm in the UK.

Spider-Man Director & Actor Chosen

457632-90f47086-f2ba-11e3-8a62-ce6d4e05a259After months of speculation, Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios have finally confirmed that identity of the actor that will be suiting up as the legendary super-hero in the third reboot and replacing Andrew Garfield, and it is…The Impossible’s Tom Holland, 19.

The casting decision comes as a slight surprise after Asa Butterfield was the rumoured (almost confirmed) candidate, but Sony decided to go in a different direction after a series of screen tests with Holland.

New director Jon Watts will helm the teenage reboot.

I’m hearing from an admittedly bitter source that Watts was chosen because Sony Pictures are looking for a smoother ride than the one they had with Marc Webb. They want someone to fulfil their wishes and orders without arguing. Holland is said to have scored the role of Spider-Man based on his looks. There were some over at Sony that felt Butterfield wasn’t conventionally attractive enough to appeal to their targeted demographic, nor did they feel he was truly believable in the superhero role.

Blind Item (23/06/2015)

This actress is high B-list that always seemed to be on the brink of A, but it’s not her career we have interest in – it’s her personal life. Our actress has one of the worst reputations in Hollywood as a slut. If you’re semi-famous or star in a movie, then you have a shot with our actress. She’s said to have “dated” over a hundred semi-famous men.

It doesn’t even matter if you’re married with children, as her B-list co-star found out.

Who is our actress?

Charlie Sheen vs Denise Richards on… Twitter

I saw this coming the second I reported former Bond girl Denise Richards, 44, was planning on selling her house and leaving LA.

Charlie Sheen, 49, has attacked his ex-wife on Twitter with a foul rant that creatively calls the mother of his children a “washed up piglet shame pile.” I’m being told that this dispute stems mainly from Richards selling the house. She’s fired back at Sheen on Twitter by taking a cheap shot at his noted absence on Father’s Day.

I’ll be following this one for you. Some exes can’t just get along, even for the sake of their children!



True Detective Returns

457632-90f47086-f2ba-11e3-8a62-ce6d4e05a259The second season of HBO’s True Detective premièred yesterday to a lukewarm reception, despite the widespread promotional hype and A-list cast. The Colin Farrell and Vince Vaughn starring crime drama was called out for its complicated plot and predictable twists by critics, and currently holds a disappointing 63% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes, 21% less than the first season led by Matthew McConaughey in the midst of his career comeback.

The next episode of True Detective is on the June 28, 2015.

Blind Item (22/06/2015)

This A-list franchise actor who can’t repeat that same success outside of his hit franchise is currently considering leaving the franchise and the famous role. The producers don’t want him to leave, so they’re spreading rumours of who they’re pursuing as his successor in hope of convincing him to stay on for another film.

Who is our actor?