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Month: July 2015

Gigi Hadid Leaves Boyfriend Joe Jonas’ House

Model Gigi Hadid, 20, has been photographed leaving boyfriend Joe Jonas’ house in the early hours of the morning. It’s not a particularly interesting story until you realize that either: 1. […]

Blind Item (31/07/2015)

This B-list ‘musician’ is in an up and coming (or trying to be ‘up and coming’) boyband. He’s closeted as so many of them are, and he’s in relationship with another ‘musician’ in another up […]

Blind Item (30/07/2015)

This A-list soccer player / footballer, who has shockingly transferred this summer, has some serious issues with alcohol. His former club wanted him in a rehab clinic or a treatment centre, […]

WWE’s John Cena Breaks Nose in Match

There’s nothing more than disturbing than seeing one of those freak accidents during a WWE wrestling match. You know the ones I’m talking about – the Sid Vicious incident, the Lita […]

Blind Item (29/07/2015)

This A-list superstar actor is trying to secure the director’s helm on the next instalment of his franchise for a controversial friend, who happens to be eternally A-list. The producers, eager […]

Blind Item (28/07/2015)

This A-list reality star / singer has developed an eating disorder. She’s very unhappy about the situation that’s she gotten herself in and is actively trying to escape from it. […]

Rob Schneider’s Mansion Robbed

Deuce Bigelow star Rob Schneider, 51, had his million dollar mansion in the Valleys ransacked on Friday evening. TMZ are reporting that Schneider’s rare baseball card worth $175k was amongst the […]

Key & Peele to End After Season 5

Keegan-Michael Key has revealed to The Wrap that his hit Comedy Central sketch show Key & Peele with comedy partner Jordan Peele will end after its current season finishes. “It […]

Blind Item (27/07/2015)

I know I’m posting a lot of blinds about this huge show lately, but I have a couple of reliable sources that keep delivering gold. This B-list actress on the […]

Bobbi Kristina Dies at 22

Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston’s only child died on Sunday after a six month long medically induced coma after a suicide attempt in January. Kristina was found unresponsive in a […]

Blind Item (24/07/2015)

This A-list actress is tired of trying to reinvent herself as a serious actress since her rom-com days are long behind her. She’s been hinting recently to former writers and […]

Taylor Swift Apologizes to Nicki Minaj

Just when it was getting interesting! The latest turn of events in the Twitter feud of Nicki Minaj and Taylor Swift has seen the ‘Red’ songstress apologize to Minaj over […]