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Blind Item (01/07/2015)

I’m hearing the producers of this upcoming blockbuster are close to recasting one of their key roles in future instalments. “They’re not happy with the way it’s turned out,” says one insider. “She’s not charismatic enough to be a movie star and she’s not talented enough to be an actor. She’s just lost between a movie star and the rest of the actors here.” They weren’t saying that during filming, I’m told by a different insider who is in the publicity game. It’s only since they received reviews from impartial parties their tune has changed and they’ve considered prematurely terminating the actress from her lucrative contract.

Who is our actress?



    • Definitely. Emilia is not that great on GoT and I thought she was miscast as Sarah Conner anyway but I think the movie gets sequels and time will tell if this is her and she’s recast. I just wonder how they’d explain it…age up Sarah in some way using time travel? She has a horrible accident? She doesn’t come back in the future movies?

      The sad thing is, if this is her, she’s been promoting the movie and she always comes across as lovely and polite in interviews. Even though I don’t think she’s much of an actress, I find her to be very likable so in some way, I hope this isn’t her but it sure does sound like it.


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