Blind Item (22/07/2015)

As we gear-up for the 2016 election in the United States of America, we see celebrities come out of their quiet closets and endorse political candidates. More than often it’s a Democrat that is financially and publicly backed. Of course, that’s because every celebrity in Hollywood is an unabashed liberal that adores Obama and supports gay right etc. It has nothing to do with the emails that are sent around by agents and publicists reminding their talent not to endorse any controversial candidates that may harm their careers. *whispers* That means Republicans. Shhh! *whispers*

It’s fairly open knowledge that there will be repercussions if you endorse a Republican. The late Bruce Paltrow is on record refusing to hire an actor because he admitted to voting for Reagan, and that was when most of Hollywood did support Reagan.

I have a list of talent that are secret Republicans. Do not expect any admissions. Do expect public endorsements of the nominated Democrat.

Our first is an A-list singer. She pretends to be a liberal feminist for the sake of career and she’d see red if this was revealed, because you just know she’s very career conscious and would hated to be exposed as the big time fraud she is.

Our next is an A-list actress. She argues with her significant other about politics all of the time. If truth be told, the fact that she leans towards the right is new to us. Like members of her family, she appears to have gotten conservative as she gets older.

Our penultimate is an A-list actor. Another late born conservative. He was self-described far-left, but a period of transition changed that to Republican.

Our final actor is A-list and an Academy Award winner, although he may be more known for his blockbusters. He’s the only non-American we’ve listed and this would send shockwaves through certain industries because his family is very liberal and very outspoken about it.

Who are our closeted conservatives?

15 thoughts on “Blind Item (22/07/2015)

  1. 1/ Katy Perry
    2/ Angelina Jolie .She is for death sentence
    3/ Robert Downey Jr.After to go in jail,he changed his liberal opinions
    4/ not Bale .He is for gun control and against death sentence .In a 2009 foreign interview ,he said he was not able to vote Obama the first time because he didn’t have his papers at time


  2. #1: either Taylor Swift, Beyonce, Katy Perry or Lady Gaga (all are rumored to be closet GOP’ers)
    #2: definitely Angelina Jolie
    #3: RDJ, Tom Cruise or Sean Penn
    #4: Daniel Day Lewis?


  3. Certain the first one is Taylor Swift because of the clue “seeing red” (her first album was called ‘Red’). Also, she’s recently been proclaiming herself a feminist and yet we have never seen her endorse any candidate which makes me think it’s because she’s a Republican but can’t admit it in Hollywood. Also, her parents are rich so she was probs raised that way.


  4. Just because someone is a Republican, doesn’t mean their pro death sentence, Pro Abortion, Against Gay marriage and against women. Those Republicans are extremists. I’m a Republican. I’m fiscally conservative, but socially moderate. I’m against the way the Democrats are with foreign policy and fiscally. I am pro-choice, pro-women and 100% for gay marriage. I just wish this country was more educated and not so ignorant as to the differences between the candidates running or what the different parties stand for. Most people are like sheep. It’s disgusting. They don’t even listen to what a candidate has to say, but just vote, because he’s a democrat or republican. It’s also disgusting that people judge other people on their political beliefs. It’s just as bad as judging someone for being gay or the color of their skin.

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