Blind Item (29/07/2015)

This A-list superstar actor is trying to secure the director’s helm on the next instalment of his franchise for a controversial friend, who happens to be eternally A-list. The producers, eager for the A-list superstar’s return, have promised to consider it and will be watching closely the production of the controversial A-lister’s comeback movie that starts filming soon.

Who is our A-list superstar?

Who is our controversial A-lister?

5 thoughts on “Blind Item (29/07/2015)

  1. Robert Downey Junior & Mel Gibson. The movie would be the next Iron Man. Iron Man 3 did really well at the box office, so I’d assume they’d like RDJ back until they’ve milked that franchise dry.


      • Ah, don’t read the Daily Mail, even though I know ‘other’ gossip bloggers use them for their blinds. Didn’t know it was in the news there. To a point it’s nice that RDJ is loyal to friends, but Mel’s such an asshole that I can’t believe Marvel/Disney would actually agree to this.


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