Blind Item Revealed

This B-list presenter has left her sought after position on her network. There must be thousands of people applying to replace her, right? Nope! The job is already taken. It was taken several months ago, if truth be told, by a younger and hotter B-list presenter.

Who is our phased out presenter?

Who is our replacement presenter?


Giuliana Rancic & Maria Menounos

It’s finally been confirmed by E! that Maria Menounos, 37, will be replacing Giuliani Rancic, 40, after Rancic ‘stepped down’ in the middle of this year, as the co-anchor of E! News with Terrence Jenkins.

The transition was supposed to reach its end a lot quicker, but E! hesitated after Menounos received a horrible reception after her red carpet reporting in January. Partly due to this Giuliani will be continuing her roles on Fashion Police & Live from the Red Carpet!

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