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Month: August 2015

Blind Item (31/08/2015)

This indescribable man with THE famous last name is already cheating on his wife. They’ve barely been married a year and my source tells me he even cheated on her […]

Blind Item (28/08/2015)

This closeted British comedian needs to choose better companions because he recently found himself under an extortion attempt that almost cost him several hundred thousand. Who is our comedian?

Celebrity Big Brother Kicks Off in the UK

It has kicked off on the 27th of August with such stars as Jenna Jameson, James Hill and Farrah Abraham, and Celebrity Big Brother is back for series 16. Sporting the theme […]

Joy Behar Returns to The View

It’s been speculated about for awhile and the woman herself even announced that talks were dead, but Joy Behar has finally been confirmed as the newest co-host on The View, cementing […]

Blind Item (27/08/2015)

This A-list female journalist / TV host spent well over six figures on plastic surgery before her solo talk show’s début. Of course, our A-list female journalist / TV host […]

Blind Item (26/08/2015)

Don’t expect this A-list supermodel or her husband to make any political endorsements now or next year. Last time around, her publicist threatened to drop her after who she endorsed […]

Blind Item (25/08/2015)

If you were wondering what this A-list talk show comedian’s next movie was going to be, then you may be surprised – our A-list talk show comedian has acted before […]

Forbes Highest Paid Actresses List Released

Were you expecting Jennifer Lawrence to be number one? Because you’d totally be right. The Hunger Games actress took home a reported $52 million dollars last year, almost doubling the […]

Blind Item (24/08/2015)

This married producing team are A-list and fairly new to producing movies / tv. Although I may not agree with the religious agenda of a lot their work, I do have […]

Blind Item (21/08/2015)

This former B-list television presenter is pressing on with her comeback to British television. She’s desperately trying to claw her way back into the spotlight, regularly calling the paparazzi and […]

X-Factor Returns with Latest Trailer

X-Factor fans have been in two minds about the next series of the X-Factor, which takes a reboot approach to the series with new judges, new hosts and even a […]

Blind Item (20/08/2015)

Let’s talk about this A-list movie star’s behaviour on this never made movie that cost my source several million dollars. It was so deplorable that my source was relieved to […]

Megan Fox & Brian Austin Green Split

They were one of Hollywood’s hottest couple, but UsWeekly are reporting Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green have broken up after an eleven year relationship and the reason pertains to Fox’s […]

Blind Item Revealed

This former A-list boy band member is so frightened about the direction of his career and the friends he’s lost that he’s drawn up a plan how to return to […]