Mission Impossible Soars and Vacation Snores – Box Office (03/08/2015)


You may not like Tom Cruise, but it is virtually impossible (pun intended) to argue that he lacks the ability to put butts into seat. Cruise, 53, continues decades of box office gold with the latest instalment of Mission Impossible opening to a fantastic $56 million, devouring its rivals (Pixels, Trainwreck & Minions) in the process.

Vacation, starring Leslie Mann and Ed Helms, disappointed with well under $30 million despite opening a couple of days before Mission Impossible: Rogue Agent.

Paul Rudd’s Ant-Man, the final endeavour in Marvel’s Phase 2, held well with just over $12 million, cultivating a mediocre domestic total of a $130 million.

1. Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation – $56 million (Total: $56 million)

2. Vacation – $21 million (Total: $21 million)

3. Ant-Man – $12.6 million (Total: $132 million)

4. Minions – $12.2 million (Total: $287 million)

5. Pixels – $10.4 million (Total: $45.6 million)

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