Kelly Osbourne Drops Unbelievable Racist Remark on The View


Kelly Osbourne is the daughter of two controversial figures in show business – Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne – but she appears to be aiming for that mantle.

Osbourne, guest hosting on The View, attempted to unleash a brutal diatribe against Donald Trump’s alleged racist comments about illegal immigration, but it backfired straight into her pancake-covered face. Bizarrely attacking Trump for wanting to ‘kick every Latino out of the country’ (What?), Osbourne said on The View: “If you kick every Latino out of this country, then who is going to be cleaning your toilet Donald Trump?”

The remark is greeted by stunned silence and the co-hosts of The View promptly turn on Osbourne for her comments. Watch it here.

Osbourne has since apologized for her remarks on Facebook.


3 thoughts on “Kelly Osbourne Drops Unbelievable Racist Remark on The View

  1. She is utterly vile. Both sanctimonious and hypocritical. Very much her mother’s daughter. Hoist by her own petard.

    It amazes me that those two shrews are classed as belonging to the human race albeit very, very peripherally.


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