Blind Item (07/08/2015) – Endless Love

This A-list actor still has his handsome good looks and a career that every other male actor in Hollywood would consider to die for, but our actor hasn’t had sex with a woman since his second wife. He’s been married since and that second marriage ended over a decade ago, but she was his last.

I’ll have more on this marriage and that couple soon.

Who is our A-list actor?

Who is the second wife?

Who is the third wife?

10 thoughts on “Blind Item (07/08/2015) – Endless Love

  1. Nicholas Cage strikes me as an odd bird, especially with the way he met his current wife. Is this him, Lisa Marie and Alice Kim?


  2. Cruise, Ford, and Cage all fit the requirements of being actors with enviable long careers who have each been married three times with the second marriages ending over a decade ago.

    Cruise was married to Mimi Rogers ’87-90; to Nicole Kidman ’90-01; and then to Katie Holmes ’06-12. Problem here is that Cruise and Holmes have a child together, betting the question of exactly how, if they didn’t (ever) have sex. IE, if the blind is true and refers to Cruise then his daughter with Holmes is either not his biological child, or was conceived artificially.

    Harrison Ford has been married three times: May Marquart ’64-79; Melissa Matheson ’83-
    04; then Callista Flockhart ’10-present. Ford was 68 years old when he married Flockhart, but their affair had been going on since ’02 when he was 60 . A bit odd that he would carry on an affair with her without ever having sex then divorce his wife of 20 years, but perhaps he has “performance issues”.

    Nic Cage has also been married three times: Patricia Arquette ’95-01, a three month marriage to Lisa Marie Presley in ’02, and to Alice Kim in ’05. Cage has a son with Kim, again, begging the question of how this blind could be about him if the two never had sex.


      • >>I think it’s clear Tom Cruise can’t naturally have children. Explains why he adopted with Nicole.

        That’s certainly one potential explanation for their adoption; not sure its the only or most probable one.

        For example, Nicole Kidman has publically discussed difficulty with fertility: “I had tried and failed and failed and failed. Not to be too detailed, but I’ve had an ectopic pregnancy, miscarriages and I’ve had fertility treatments. I’ve done all the stuff you can possibly do to try get pregnant,”

        Is Kidman lying about having personal fertility issues? Many years after her marriage to Cruse, why would she? I suppose its possible both Cruise and Kidman had fertility problems, but that seems implausible. Maybe, for whatever reason, Kidman didn’t want to have biological children with Cruise and adopted instead. Maybe she did want to, but Cruise didn’t “contribute” (as per the implication in the blind above).


  3. The quip about not having sex “with a woman” hints that the blind here is gay and closeted (NTTAWT).

    Charlie Sheen has also been married three times, though his second marriage to Denise Richards ended in 2006, which was just under ten years ago. He'[s also been in several high profile relationships with female adult film actresses in the last few years, which seems pretty improbable if he wasn’t sexually involved with them. Having been caught up in the Heidi Fleiss prostitution scandal, it seems wildly improbable that Sheen is gay.

    I think Cruise is the “best fit” here. Cruise has persistently been rumored to be gay, with his marriage to Holmes being a sham/publicity related marriage. There have also been rumors that Chris Klein, with whom Holmes was having a relationship right up until her marriage to Cruise, is the biological father of Holmes daughter. See here for a more contemporary writeup:

    The timeline of her breakup with Klein, then immediate marriage to Cruise and near-immediate subsequent pregnancy tend to support this theory. IE she broke up with Klein right after getting pregnant, immediately married Cruise in part as “cover”, then slightly “fudged” the publicity surrounding the pregnancy to make it appear that it occurred shortly after her marriage with Cruise, rather than right before.


    • The most logical explanation is that Cruise is into cuckolding and was watch Holmes and Klein have sex. Holmes agreed to the PR marriage and Cruise allowed her to date/have sex with any man she wanted as long as she let him watch or at least provide details of the encounters.


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