Fantastic Four Opens to Critical annihilation


With the X-Men franchise winding down, 20th Century Fox was banking on Fantastic Four to be its hot new franchise with its young cast, amazing special effects and gritty take on the source material.

They may have to change the trajectory.

Fantastic Four, a reboot to the much derided 2005 and 2007 instalments, has opened to some of the worst superhero reviews since legendary flop Batman & Robin. Currently holding a dismal 10% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, Fantastic Four is also heading for an underwhelming weekend at the box office with tracking predicting only a $40-50 million take against a budget of $120 million, considerably lower than both of the instalments from 2005 and 2007 that weren’t believed to be financial or critical successes by the studio.

Josh Trank, the director, implied Fox were to blame for the reception and tweeted this:



8 thoughts on “Fantastic Four Opens to Critical annihilation

  1. Josh Trank really seems to be trying to commit career suicide. The guy was erratic on the set of FF4 & got fired off of the Star Wars movie he was going to direct. I know the producer that worked with Trank on FF4 & was involved in the Star Wars movie Trank was going to direct & he was super professional about the whole thing. Publicly he refused to say the stories about Trank were true, but privately he told Disney they needed to get rid of him off the Star Wars movie because Trank wouldn’t be able to handle to pressure.

    Now he goes public before FF4 comes out basically trashing the movie. Not a great plan for a long & happy career directing movies. He keeps this up & he’ll be lucky to get gigs directing commercials.


    • My friend said they suspected drug use, but he didn’t say if Josh failed a drug test or something like that. He did drink, but what I’ve heard is it was more mental issues. Bipolar or simply not able to handle the pressure of big budget movies. They were never 100 percent sure what it was. The producer I know from the movie said he thought it was a mix of all of the above.


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