Blind Item (10/08/2015)

This actor is D-list at the most, but there was a point where he was heading towards B even A-list. He was rumoured to be dating an A-list singer who is rumoured to date a lot of people and he had highly sought after roles in several blockbusters (one that flopped, another that did okay). What went wrong? He’s insanely handsome, but he could never really act and he’s so gay that Mr Blackwell calls him a ‘fag.’ Producers and his agency have decided to stop pushing him so hard and they’ve moved onto their next superstar. He’ll still have a decent career, but he won’t be the next Jude Law like they thought he was going to be.

Who is our actor?

10 thoughts on “Blind Item (10/08/2015)

    • Please, even his parents realise he’s an ugly fucking troll.

      This is Douglas Booth, who made blindness an option after his ‘performance’ in Great Expectation.


  1. Douglas Booth?
    Blockbusters: Jupiter Ascending” and Noah
    Rumored to have dated Taylor Swift (A-List singer) He also was rumored to have dated Miley, Alexa Chung, Naya Rivera, Vanessa Kirby, and Hailee Steinfeld,

    Last summer some gossip messages boards were on fire with rumors that Douglas was spending a lot of him with his Riot Club co-star Sam Reid.


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