Calista Flockhart Supports Harrison Ford’s Decision to Fly Again After Plane Crash


Do you remember Calista Flockhart? For a time Flockhart, now 50, was a huge ‘IT girl’ when her hit show Ally McBeal was airing. She was on the cover of nearly every magazine, kissing an unstable Robert Downey Jr and earning a reported seven figures per episode. Now, unfortunately, she’s best known as the wife of Harrison Ford and a crucial component of the botox industry.

Flockhart, dressed all in mourner’s black at the CBS Television Critics Association panel at the Beverly Hilton Hotel, was asked about husband Harrison Ford’s recent decision to take back to the skies after an almost deadly accident at the start of the year. Flockhart, ever the supportive wife, is reported to have said: ‘He loves it, so I love it, and I support him 100 percent.’

Flockhart was promoting the upcoming series Supergirl, which I’m being told is truly embarrassing and Flockhart’s acting is considered the worst of a bad bunch. Someone actually hinted to me that they considered “retooling” Flockhart’s she-devil character with a new actress, but went against it in the end.


7 thoughts on “Calista Flockhart Supports Harrison Ford’s Decision to Fly Again After Plane Crash

  1. Wow, did Calista pee in your corn flakes this morning? She wasn’t just in Ally McBeal , she was on the long running show Brothers and Sisters and then took some time off to raise her adopted son . She and Harrison were together for a long time before they got married and there hasn’t been even the scent of scandal about them. And I read she’s the best part of Supergirl. I admit I’m a big fan of hers but you’re being so harsh I had to comment – and I never comment . Usually love the site though, recently discovered it.


    • Hi Colleen,

      I’m actually good friends with someone who had a bad experience with Calista, so I went totally off her. I used to be a fan, though! The Boss tells me they’re not happy with her role in Supergirl, but the entire show is set to be an unmitigated disaster, so I guess it doesn’t matter.

      Glad you commented! Join the discussion and the community more! We love comments!

      – Staff Writer Sam


      • Hi Sam
        I really thought I’d get negative comments but since I didn’t I will comment from time to time. I don’t comment much and it’s obvious why I don’t. Always loved her but I guess she really is a good actress, fooling me into thinking she was a sweetheart. I just saw a blind item on another site about an A+ actor cheating on his actress wife with a younger look-a-like and the common guess was Harrison Ford. It’s almost lunch time here in New York so I will be eating those peed upon corn flakes as well as my words. Bon Appetite!


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