Images Surface of Comedian Paddy McGuinness Attacking Nail Salon Worker


Take Me Out host Paddy McGuinness has been caught verbally and physically abusing a worker at a nail salon in Cheshire by those dastardly old security cameras, which show McGuinness in an entirely different light to his public image.


McGuinness, 41, is seen storming into the establishment and confronting a worker who McGuiness claims made an ‘inappropriate sexual comment’ about his wife Chrstine Martin, 26, on the previous day. “I will deck you,” McGuiness is alleged to have threat amongst various screams and shouts.

Ronald Giron, 44, who owns the nail salon, is denying the claims to the Sun on Sunday, pointing out that Martin not only had no complaints on the previous day, but she quite happily tipped after paying for her pedicure. Giron believes the incident to be a misunderstanding, saying to the Sun: “It was all a misunderstanding because he (the worker) doesn’t speak very good English. I think she probably misheard, went home and told Paddy and it drove him mad.”

Both parties are said to be seeking legal representation for a possible lawsuit.

I’m just shocked there’s a heterosexual man working in a nail salon.

7 thoughts on “Images Surface of Comedian Paddy McGuinness Attacking Nail Salon Worker

  1. How do you ‘psychically’ abuse someone?

    His wife is OK but not really all that on the hotness register. This is always a problem for people who live in the suburbs – someone average looking develops an inflated sense of their attractiveness because there is no one decent looking to compare themselves against.

    And why on earth is this site bothering with fourth tier TV performers like him? This is not the kind of gossip that will attract English visitors. It is also a stale story. I started to visit this site because it had verified stories that other sites did not have. Don’t become like all the rest.

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    • Hi Scs,

      I’ve corrected that spelling mistake. I believe the Boss wrote that on the phone and autocorrect can make that happen sometimes.

      Thanks for your comment. We’re technically a British website and a huge chunk of our viewership compromises of Brits, so we do have to supply some – for lack of a better word – homegrown stuff.

      Stick around, there’ll be more that appeals to you coming.

      – Staff Writer Sam


  2. You can always tell when someone is from the provinces in the UK they tend to look a couple of decades older than their chronological age. Dress like it too!


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