Rosie Perez Quits The View After Kelly Osbourne Controversy

(ABC/Yolanda Perez)

(ABC/Yolanda Perez)

This is one of the most bizarre situations to happen on The View in recent years and considering the Star Jones situations and the Rosie O’Donnell hirings, that truly is saying something.

Rosie Perez is said to have quit the morning show after being FORCED to apologize to Kelly Osbourne after racist comments Osbourne made live on The View.

Perez DID tweet out an apology to Osbourne after reacting visually furious live on the air, but now it’s surfacing that producers masterminded the tweet and Perez did not forgive Osbourne for her racist comments. ABC producers are alleged to have gathered in the star’s dressing room after she refused any interaction with Osbourne when the cameras had turned off and to placate the situation (and protect Osbourne, I’m told) the producers requested Perez, 50, sent out an apologetic tweet to the rockstar’s daughter. Perez is said to have reluctantly complied with their request, but afterwards stormed off the set and slammed the producers with a verbal tirade that included the classic ‘Kiss my ass!” and campily vowing never to return. Perez has not shown up for tapings that she was scheduled to show up for, according to the Daily Mail, effectively meaning the Latina has prematurely quit the show.

Perez was already set to leave the show under the guise she’d quit to pursue her acting career (which acting career?), but Perez was fired, I’m told. She had been the first casualty of the new season several months ago, but due to Variety releasing the story before Perez (and the rest of the cast) was actually told – they sent out denials and held back on announcing the decision. Perez is considered by many behind the scenes to be the worst hiring The View has ever made, with many higher-ups furious that the linguistically challenged Perez was even hired in the first place. The View has also fired Republican Director of Communications Nicolle Wallace, who rejected a recurring role (a demotion) for next season and re-signed with MSNBC’s Morning Joe.

The View’s next season will feature Raven Symone, Michelle Collins, and Whoopi Goldberg talking around the table. Full House actress Candace Cameron-Bure and ABC’s Paula Faris are waiting to be announced.



3 thoughts on “Rosie Perez Quits The View After Kelly Osbourne Controversy

  1. Am glad that Rosie resigned I was very surprised to read her super gushy apology to that foul mouthed hypocrite. It did make me wonder how much power that ghastly woman held in the industry. No one should have to apologise for calling out a racist who automatically assumes that the majority of people of any particular race or nationality do menial jobs. I don’t dislike Ozzy or Jack but Kelly and her mother are two of the vilest, ugliest, most hypocritical people on this planet.


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