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Old Audio Surfaces of Jennifer Aniston’s Wedding Guest Howard Stern Attacking Her

(AP Photo/Richard Drew)

(AP Photo/Richard Drew)

They may be friends now, but some old audio from Howard Stern’s Sirius radio show in 2007 has emerged and the former shock jock is less than kind to Friends star Jennifer Aniston, 46, whose top secret wedding he recently attended and delivered a speech at.

“Her face is kind of buttery,” Stern, 61, judges, looking at pictures of Aniston in a tabloid. When Stern’s co-host Robin Quivers implied that Stern’s other co-host comedian Artie Lange should date the Just Go With It actress, Stern said: “I think she’d be a real drag.”

Ironically Stern, who has regularly been seen on vacation with the actress, and his co-hosts slam the actress for going on vacation with Courteney Cox and David Aqruette. “Get out of their hair a little,” Lange says to the Golden Globe winner. Stern agrees and tells Aniston to “go get a life.”

Listen to the audio here.



  1. He’s become the biggest ass kisser in show biz, now he’s become friendly with people he used to trash on his show all the time.


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