Blind Item (13/08/2015)

This director was once a solid B-list director, amongst his other jobs. He wasn’t George Lucas, but he had the ability and the power to get a movie off the ground. Not only did he abuse that power, but he’s still considered by several prominent actors to be the worst director they’ve ever worked with.

Our multi-talented B-list camp diva would fight and feud with the director on the set of this infamously troubled 2003/4 production over the ever changing script. The A-list lead actress wanted (and tried) to pull out of the movie at least four times, but her reputation and a lawsuit was threatened.

Our now passed A-list actor and the director clashed so bad on a set that they had to be separated and the direction was handed over to another still alive A-list actor. Our passed A-list actor even tried to fight the director, who fortunately resisted. Our passed A-list actor would suggest changes and ideas in his normal abrasive manner and the director would reaction aggressively and confrontationally to every suggestion.

Who is our director?

Who is our B-list camp diva?

Who is our A-list lead actress?

What is our first movie?

Who is our passed A-list actor?

Who is our still alive A-list actor?

What is our second movie?

8 thoughts on “Blind Item (13/08/2015)

  1. The only troubled productions from that time period that jump out are I Heart Hucabee’s, but I don’t think the cast really matches up with the blind. I’ll have to look at IMDB for that 1. The other is X-Men 2. Singer was popping pills then & Halle Berry & Hugh Jackman had to protect a producer that Singer tried to get fired. Those are the only 2 that stick out to me from that time period, but I’m sure there’s 1 I’m not thinking about.


  2. I know this one because I have a friend that worked on the first.

    Director is Frank Oz.
    B-list diva is Bette Midler.
    A-list actress is Nicole Kidman
    Movie is The Stepford Wives.

    I don’t know the second movie. but Bette Midler, Frank Oz and Glenn Close are the most egotistical cunts my friend has ever worked with.


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