Wendy Williams Falls Off Stage in Houston

Wendy Williams

Wendy Williams

She’s touted as the new Queen of daytime, but Wendy Williams, 51, pulled an ungraceful move recently when the host of the Wendy Williams Show tumbled off the stage at an appearance in Houston.

If you’re interesting in watching Wendy fall. Click here. Warning: it is high-lare-e-ous!

In other Wendy Williams related news, a hashtag is garnering momentum on Twitter from Ariana Grande fans to cancel Williams’ talkshow after some users perceived her behaviour as body shaming. William allegedly “body shamed” Ariana Grande, 22, by saying: ‘She’ll always look eleven’ and ‘She’ll always be a little girl to me.’

Twitter seems to hate anyone with an opinion (unless it’s there’s, of course) and in order to ‘get revenge’ on the perpetrator, they’ll exhibit exactly the same behaviour. Grande fans have already begun body shaming Williams to get back at her.

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