Blind Item (17/08/2015)

This A-list TV actress is a regular contender at the awards, but if some of the behind the scenes of her hit show were ever released it would create quite the scandal. She constantly makes ignorant remarks that could easily be seen as racist (or even sexist). My source (who likes her, it seems) says it’s not even an intentional thing. “It’s just something she does to fill the empty air or make conversation.” Often she doesn’t care about who’s nearby either. She insulted the homeland of a camera guy with a stupid generalisation about terrorism that would make the Tea Party blush. Whenever someone calls her out (which is rare), she’ll justify it by saying ‘It’s not [insert accusation] if it’s true.”

Who is our actress?

Helper: Donald Trump isn’t an actress.

Sidefact: I was actually told about the gaffe our actress made in front of the camera guy by a very reliable source several years back. I refused to believe it because it just sounded too incredulous, even for the actress who has a history for that sort of behaviour.

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