Blind Item Revealed

This former A-list boy band member is so frightened about the direction of his career and the friends he’s lost that he’s drawn up a plan how to return to their (and the public’s) good graces.

Expect feuds with cancerous influences. Expect PR pictures of him and his girlfriend. Expect overtures to his former band.

Who is our boy band member?

Getty Images

Getty Images

Zayn Malik

It’s broken in the tabloids today in the UK that friends of Zayn Malik believe the young star is heading for a meltdown and he’s isolated himself from them, but who told you about this before The Mirror? The Gossip Life!

Triggered by how many friends he’d lost, Malik initially stuck to the plan we described above, booting out those cancerous influences, taking PR pictures with his fiancée and attempting to make good with his former band, but Malik has dived off the deep end and gone ‘power mad’ according to his friends.

We’re told Malik is actually trying to cultivate a ‘badboy image,’ but that’s a blind for another day…

3 thoughts on “Blind Item Revealed

  1. Hmmm, I think that Zayn is a little confused about the difference between petulant and ‘bad boy’ image. Besides, we only have to remember the last person who went down the ‘bad boy’ route after X Factor – James ‘where is he now’ Arthur. It worked out really well for him didn’t it, uh?


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