Megan Fox & Brian Austin Green Split

2B7E64CA00000578-3203519-On_their_own_Megan_Fox_and_Brian_Austin_Green_have_reportedly_se-m-2_1439991132785They were one of Hollywood’s hottest couple, but UsWeekly are reporting Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green have broken up after an eleven year relationship and the reason pertains to Fox’s recently resurrected movie career.

Fox, 29 had been in a difficult position career-wise after being fired from the Transformers series, but the leading role in the live action adaptation of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles turned things around for the starlet and reportedly left Green, 42, upset that Fox continued to pursue roles, wanting his wife of five years to be at home with their two children Bodhi and Noah.

Green and Fox have allegedly been separated for six months, although their relationship is not considered hostile and they’re believed to be ‘on friendly terms.’

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