Blind Item (24/08/2015)

This married producing team are A-list and fairly new to producing movies / tv. Although I may not agree with the religious agenda of a lot their work, I do have to praise one thing about them. New producing teams with a lot of money and not a lot of experience usually may 1. bad investments, where they lose money. 2. invest in a bunch of projects that never get made. Our couple are considered highly professional and highly determined. Nearly every project they’ve wanted to make, they’ve made, efficiently and professionally. This couple has a better track record than some of the seasoned veterans of producing and they’re earning millions as a result.

Who is our couple?

6 thoughts on “Blind Item (24/08/2015)

      • My understanding is the El Ray network exist because Comcast had to commit to building some networks for minorities. They funded the whole thing, Robert Rodriguez is I think owner in name only. I don’t believe he’s really putting much of his own money into it. I might have read an article wrong though, so who the heck knows? 🙂


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