Forbes Highest Paid Actresses List Released



Were you expecting Jennifer Lawrence to be number one? Because you’d totally be right. The Hunger Games actress took home a reported $52 million dollars last year, almost doubling the take of her nearest rival Scarlett Johansson, who earned a not too shabby $35 million dollars after action flicks the Avengers 2 and Lucy.

The rest of the list is filled out by recent year regulars and the only real surprise is in the form of fourth placed Bingbing Fan, who raked in $21 million dollars with a franchise movie in Asia.

1.) Jennifer Lawrence – $52 million

2.) Scarlett Johansson – $35.5 million

3.) Melissa McCarthy – $23 million

4.) Bingbing Fan – $21 million

5.) Jennifer Aniston – $16.5 million

6.) Julia Roberts – $16 million

7.) Angelina Jolie – $15 million

8.) Reese Witherspoon – $15 million

9.) Ann Hathaway – $12 million

10.) Kristen Stewart – $12 million

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