Blind Item (31/08/2015)

This indescribable man with THE famous last name is already cheating on his wife. They’ve barely been married a year and my source tells me he even cheated on her on the honeymoon. His wife has her own issues, including an addiction. Some would call all of this karma.

Who is our man?

9 thoughts on “Blind Item (31/08/2015)

  1. Cumberbatch? I don’t know of anyone with a memorable last name that got married in the last year or so. He’s supposed to be gay right? It doesn’t say he’s cheating with a woman, so maybe?


  2. Yes! I finally got one. Never posted here but I’ve been reading for a few months and I’m always stumped, but I sleuthed this one out.

    It’s Robert F. Kennedy Jr. He was married August 2nd, 2014. Thank you Wikipedia!


  3. what would be deemed as THE famous last name? Someone whose last name is perhaps more famous than they are – could that be it? and their name is indescribable – does GL differentiate between indescribable and unpronounceable? Hells bells, Mother of Six you and me both, stumped!


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