Blind Item (30/09/2015)

This A-list – maybe B-list – actor was advised by all of his agents to drop out of an upcoming film that is going to be rife with controversy, but he adamantly refused. He wants to work with the director and he really likes the script.

It’ll either be an unmitigated disaster or it’ll win every Oscar it can.

Who is our actor?

What is the film?

Why is it controversial?

Lady Gaga Named Billboard’s Woman of the Year


Lady Gaga is the Woman of the Year according to Billboard magazine. Despite declining musical sales and overall relevance, the legendary music magazine explained their reasons for the award by saying Mother Monster was “a key influential figure who drove the conversation.”

Gaga tweeted her delight this morning: “I can’t believe @billboard named me Woman of the year thank you so much. I am so so so so grateful. My gosh good morning!”

In the midst of something of a comeback, Lady Gaga is set to star in the fourth instalment of American Horror Story: Hotel coming soon to FX. Watch the trailer here.

“The less people know, the better!” says Matt Damon about gay actors in Hollywood


It’s not a statement you want accredited to you when there’s been rumours about your sexuality for decades, but asked about the aforementioned gay rumours, Matt Damon appeared to suggest that actors should keep quiet about their sexuality if they want to succeed in Hollywood. “The less people know, the better!” Damon told The Guardian.

Appearing on Ellen to clarify his statement, Damon denied that he was suggesting gay actors should stay in the closet to further their careers. ‘I was just trying to say actors are more effective when they’re a mystery,’ he told openly gay Ellen DeGeneres.

Damon has still come under attack for his remarks.

Kaley Cuoco Is Getting Divorced



Kaley Cuoco may be known for her role on The Big Bang Theory and Ten Simple Rules, but it’s her personal life that’s making headlines right now. The beautiful actress has announced that she and tennis pro husband Ryan Sweetling are already getting divorced after less than two years. “Kaley Cuoco and Ryan Sweeting have mutually decided to end their marriage,” Cuoco’s announced to PEOPLE magazine. “They ask for privacy at this time. No further statement will be issued regarding this matter.”

Cuoco, 29, sharing a picture on Instagram, showcases her hand that no longer features her wedding band and introduces her followers to a new member of her family – a horse Cuoco has called Zaza.

Blind Item (28/09/2015)

This A-list politician is soon to announce he’s running for President. His main target in the primary race? No, not the obvious target with a highly young following, that’ll come later, but the top dog with the questionable background. He wants to wipe her out first. His strategy against her will be her record and the controversies surrounding her. His strategy against the obvious target is invoking sympathy and attacking the obvious target’s idealism.

Who is our A-list politician?

Who is his main target?

Who is his obvious target?

Jewel Talks Relationship with Sean Penn

Photo: P. Young

Photo: P. Young

I’ll never understand what attracts so many beautiful, successful celebrity women to Sean Penn – from Robin Wright to Natalie Portman to Scarlett Johansson, they’ve all been seduced by Sean Penn. Well, add Jewel to the ranks of Sean Penn’s victims.

Speaking in her new book Never Broken: Songs Are Only Half the Story, Jewel, 41, talks of how she fell in love with Penn when he was on one of his breaks from eventual second wife Robin Wright. ‘I enjoyed Sean,’ the songstress said. ‘And would eventually fall in love.’

Jewel claims that she liked Penn when he wasn’t drinking because he gave her a ‘melancholy stare.’ Penn is also said to have boasted to the blonde country star: “It would be impossible not to fall in love with me.”

In other Penn-related news, the two time Oscar winner has filed a lawsuit against Lee Daniels for $10 million for defamation. The Empire co-creator compared Terrence Howard’s domestic abuse case to previous cases with Marlon Brando and Sean Penn. Penn, long rumoured to be a domestic abused, has never been charged.

Blind Item (23/09/2015)

This A-list actress is miserable at the moment. She’s breaking her back trying to get pregnant with her husband and it’s just not happening. She’s rejecting movies as they come in to focus on her efforts, but it’s all futile so far. Maybe one day.

Who is our A-list actress?

Brawl Erupts at Celebrity Big Brother Bit on the Side

Channel 5

Channel 5

Celebrity Big Brother might find itself investing in some extra security during the incoming days, but it won’t be for the celebrities inside the House, but the ones already evicted.

Recently evicted housemates Janice Dickinson, Jenna Jameson and Farrah Abraham were invited to the Bit on the Side panel hosted by Rylan Clarke, where they sat alongside Vicki Michelle and former housemate Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace. As expected arguments erupted and after Farrah called Aisleyne a ‘hag,’ the Big Brother 7 contestant allegedly threw her drink and a glass at the Teen Mom. Farrah is reported to have retaliated and thrown her chair back at the reality star, accidentally hitting Allo Allo’s Vicki Michelle and leaving her ‘bloody hurt.’

Bit on the Side went to static when the brawl happened, refusing to air the ruckus. The show returned to the air without any of its panellists and ended 12 minutes early.