Blind Item Revealed

This A-list soccer player / footballer, who has shockingly transferred this summer, has some serious issues with alcohol. His former club wanted him in a rehab clinic or a treatment centre, he refused.

Who is our player?


Arturo Vidal

Marca are reporting that Bayern Munich midfielder showed up to his national team’s training camp under the influence of alcohol, infuriating the manager who sent him home and warned: “This is the last chance that I’m going to give you, but you’ve got to go now.”

Well, we did tell you that Vidal had some serious issues with alcohol and it still seems that the former Juventus player hasn’t gotten any help for his issues.

5 thoughts on “Blind Item Revealed

    • I don’t know if the Bayern Munich stuff is true (I haven’t watched any football news) but he does have a problem with alcohol.
      He crashed his car during the “Copa América” and his father is an alcoholic too.
      Some people have asked him to enter rehab but I don’t know if he did it or not.
      All this and his arrogant personality are a real shame, he has a lot of talent.


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