Blind Item (07/09/2015)

The reason this former A-list actor struggles to get any work now is because when he was an A-list actor, he spent the majority of his time smoking weed, fighting and accusing the majority of people of racism. His reputation recently lost him the lead on this HIT, HIT, HIT TV show.

Who is our actor?

What is the show?

11 thoughts on “Blind Item (07/09/2015)

  1. Terrence Howard? I know his role is cut back on Empire, but not sure if he lost it permanently. Think he accused everybody from Marvel & RDJ of racism when he was replaced in Iron Man.

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      • Probably was. I think publicly they said it was so Terrance could go through the divorce case without having to worry about a full work schedule. I think gossip sites are saying it’s because of what was revealed in that case.


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