Blind Item (10/09/2015)

This now departed A-list icon is one of America’s most beloved figures, but if you knew the truth about her you’d be very disappointed and shocked – our A-list icon only thought about legacy and future at the end of her life. She, desperately disappointed with her children, deliberately locked them in an impossible legal situation after her death, meaning that neither of them inherited much of her hard-earned fortune but their children and their grandchildren would. ‘She actively schemed against her children,’ my source says. ‘They despised her for it. She didn’t trust them.’

Who is our A-list icon?

8 thoughts on “Blind Item (10/09/2015)

  1. Okay, so the big clue is “neither” meaning she had exactly two children. Shirley Temple had 3, Joan Rivers had 1, Maya Angelou had 1. But Maya Angelou’s life is cloudier and more hidden from the public, so maybe she has another child? Or is the clue wrong, and it’s Shirley Temple? I don’t think it’s Joan Rivers because media reports make it look like Melissa Rivers got her whole fortune.

    So, Maya Angelou is my guess.


    • It could be her. I Love Lucy is iconic, and her fortune is certainly hard earned (she was blacklisted for awhile). Desi Arnaz was a victim of political persecution in Cuba, so they have that in common. And they have two kids.


    • It says that her fortune was ‘hard earned’. I accept that Aristotle Onassis was was both ugly and crude as well as being a philanderer but would money coming to her through marriage to / sleeping with him be considered as hard earned? Actually, come to think of it, Jack Kennedy was a dog as well.

      I think that I am probably quite old fashioned in think that money that is hard earned is either through hard graft or struggle.

      But Jackie O was absolutely iconic.


  2. Sorry, but Lucille Ball used a legitimate way to keep her estate taxes down. It’s called a generation skipping trust & is used by the very rich.
    The grandchildren get a lot of money, but usually the children have control over it until the grandchildren reach the age stated in the trust to inherit it.
    Don’t believe that the children are broke, unless they pissed it all away. You can be sure they got plenty from her estate.


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