Blind Item (14/09/2015)

Some production members are worried about how the second season of this hit TV show will turn out. A few of the cast members have been very vocal with their criticism of the writing and there’s been a whole lot of politics regarding certain changes. It certainly has all the ingredients for a recipe of disaster.

What is our hit TV show?

6 thoughts on “Blind Item (14/09/2015)

  1. Empire is probably the best guess but I want to also nominate:

    Fear the Walking Dead – TWD is one of the most inconsistent shows on TV, with the writing quality swinging from superb (the pilot) to dreadful (most of season 2) and everything in between. FTWD is okay for now and a few of the characters show signs of life, but many of them are as dead inside as the zombies they are afraid of. I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that Kim Dickens got the season 2 scripts and was appalled. She keeps getting shafted on her roles, so I hope it isn’t this.

    Gotham – I’m mainly naming this one because season 2 debuts in a week so it’s timely. I have only heard good things from them, The writer/creator is responsible for Rome, another inconsistent show that varied between utter brilliance, one of the best TV shows ever made, to nonsensical dreck. Maybe he’s fucked up season 2 of Gotham somehow. I don’t know.

    Agent Carter – Same song as the last two; inconsistent, swings between great and terrible, wouldn’t be surprised if season 2 was a disaster. Caveat is that this might not qualify as a hit TV show, but it’s bolstered by the Marvel brand and connection with the ultra-popular MCU movies.

    Mr. Robot – The creator has no track record at all so who knows, maybe he had a big blowup ala Josh Trank and season 2 will be a disaster. Also, it’s on USA, which has a history of shows that start off strong and wither quickly.

    I’m ruling out Narcos (too good, Netflix is reliable) Z Nation (already sucks) Kimmy Schmidt (Tina Fey is running the show) and Last Man On Earth (not a hit, sucks). Empire is still the most likely simply because Terrence Howard is a drama magnet. Second pick is FTWD because that crew can ruin anything.


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