Tom Hardy Shuts Down Question About His Sexuality


He’s notoriously private about his personal life and Tom Hardy took no prisoners when a reporter asked him about his sexuality at the Toronto International Film Festival. “What are on earth are you on about?” Hardy, who was promoting his new movie Legend, shot back when pressed by reporter Graeme Coleman of the LGBT site Daily Xtra.

Hardy, 37, had previously hinted to bisexuality in an interview with Attitude magazine in 2008, saying  ‘I’ve played with everything and everyone.” Hardy has since claimed to Marie Claire that his words in the interview were misconstrued.

Hardy is currently married to actress Charlotte Riley and the couple are expecting their first child.

6 thoughts on “Tom Hardy Shuts Down Question About His Sexuality

  1. Before Inception and The Dark Knight Rises,he liked to talk to the media.He was open on all ( sex,his tantrums on set ,his taste for the music) except the fact that he comes from a posh heathly family.His dream was to be a bad boy friend with the gangsters ( he is very proud to be friend with Bronson)


      • I believe that someone’s sexuality is a private thing. It is up to them if or when they wish to disclose their sexual preferences. Unless, that is, they were some anti-gay, homo bashing closeted individual in which case their hypocrisy should be outed.

        The reporter had every right to broach the subject in the same way that Hardy had every right not to answer the question. I have always been under the impression, based on earlier interviews, that his sexuality was fluid.

        In any case, straight, gay or bisexual I so would!


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