Blind item Revealed

Some production members are worried about how the second season of this hit TV show will turn out. A few of the cast members have been very vocal with their criticism of the writing and there’s been a whole lot of politics regarding certain changes. It certainly has all the ingredients for a recipe of disaster.

What is our hit TV show?


Eric Ray Davidson

Eric Ray Davidson

I only published the blind a couple of days ago, but The Hollywood Reporter have already forced me to reveal it with their expose on the second season: “With outsized success, however, comes outsized expectations and no shortage of backstage drama: Howard’s personal travails have turned him into a gossip-world pinata, Daniels has occasionally flexed his creative authority beyond the comfort zone of the network, and there are lingering concerns that too many big-name guest stars (Chris Rock, Mariah Carey, Rosie O’Donnell, the list goes on) could overwhelm the second season.”

There’s so much here that The Hollywood Report isn’t (or can’t) mentioning, but I’ll just hint with drugs, salary and affairs. The biggest drama on Empire this season is backstage.

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