Blind Item (21/09/2015)

This nonfamous screenwriter wrote the script to a very famous flop. It was a catastrophe critically and commercially. Instead of having some class and grace, he actually tried to edit his wikipedia page and erase all the objective negativity on his page (the sourced bad reviews, the criticisms). The mods of wiki caught him out. ‘It was super obvious it was him,’ says my source. ‘All his previous edits (dating back to obscurity) related to him. He tried to remove everything bad. We thought, ‘Are you kid, man? You didn’t think anyone would notice?’ What a dope.”

Who is our writer?

8 thoughts on “Blind Item (21/09/2015)

  1. Joe Eszterhas? He wrote “Showgirls” and “Burn Hollywood Burn”, both of which were commercial and critical flops. “Burn Hollywood Burn” was a bigger flop than Showgirls, and the movie has an entire paragraph devoted to it on his Wikipedia page.


  2. I feel like it’s one of the guys who wrote 47 Ronin but I’m not sure. Is that even a famous enough flop? I have to get to work but later in the day I’m going to take another stab at this one. The clues should be enough: famous flop, nonfamous writer who has an IMDB page with criticism right on it, edit history with reverted vandalism. I should be able to find it.


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