Brawl Erupts at Celebrity Big Brother Bit on the Side

Channel 5

Channel 5

Celebrity Big Brother might find itself investing in some extra security during the incoming days, but it won’t be for the celebrities inside the House, but the ones already evicted.

Recently evicted housemates Janice Dickinson, Jenna Jameson and Farrah Abraham were invited to the Bit on the Side panel hosted by Rylan Clarke, where they sat alongside Vicki Michelle and former housemate¬†Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace. As expected arguments erupted and after Farrah called Aisleyne a ‘hag,’ the Big Brother 7 contestant allegedly threw her drink and a glass at the Teen Mom. Farrah is reported to have retaliated and thrown her chair back at the reality star, accidentally hitting Allo Allo’s Vicki Michelle and leaving her ‘bloody hurt.’

Bit on the Side went to static when the brawl happened, refusing to air the ruckus. The show returned to the air without any of its panellists and ended 12 minutes early.


6 thoughts on “Brawl Erupts at Celebrity Big Brother Bit on the Side

    • Farrah thingy is the most appalling creature I have ever observed. Extraordinarily aggressive, abusive, hectoring, and bullying. Also utterly unhinged. I am horrified that this individual has a child/children. They are going to be so fucked up it doesn’t bear thinking about. Mommy Dearest for the 21c. In which crucible of foulness was she incubated.

      Err, you can probably tell that I watched part of the show!


  1. Btw: sorry about the rant but this is only the second time in my life that I have come across someone so utterly irredeemable and unhinged. Interestingly, the other one also appeared on BB – the civilian’s version, and she was an ex escort/hooker too.


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