Blind Item (28/09/2015)

This A-list politician is soon to announce he’s running for President. His main target in the primary race? No, not the obvious target with a highly young following, that’ll come later, but the top dog with the questionable background. He wants to wipe her out first. His strategy against her will be her record and the controversies surrounding her. His strategy against the obvious target is invoking sympathy and attacking the obvious target’s idealism.

Who is our A-list politician?

Who is his main target?

Who is his obvious target?

11 thoughts on “Blind Item (28/09/2015)

  1. This seems so obvious that I’m searching for alternate possibilities. People have been speculating about Biden running for ages. Hill-dog is doomed if he announces. The dems are bound a have a bad year no matter what, but Biden is the closest they’ll come to a competitive candidate.


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